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COC & Family Centers Celebrate a 10-Year Partnership

Resident services and programs at all Charter Oak Communities properties are provided by Family Centers.  Family Centers began its formal relationship with COC in 2004 as the provider of the Community and Supportive Services Program for the Fairfield Court HOPE VI revitalization project.  At that time, Family Centers employed a team of 3 full-time case managers who provided onsite services to the residents of Fairfield Court.  Those residents who received help from the Family Centers onsite case managers had a better chance of successfully moving into new homes.  Residents who had been on the cusp of losing their apartments due to late payments, poor housekeeping, poor resident relations or not providing the required documentation, received needed support; as a result, most were able to successfully relocate to their new homes.  Over time, and with ongoing support, residents were inspired to seek educational opportunities, job training, and become advocates within their own communities. 

When the Fairfield Court HOPE VI Program was completed, COC and Family Centers expanded the program so that all residents could have access to such important supportive services.  Now, 10 years later, Family Centers provides supportive services at Post House, Taylor Street, Fairgate, Westwood, Palmer Square, Oak Park, Lawnhill Terrace, Czescik Homes, Quintard Manor, Clinton Manor, Stamford Manor, Glenbrook Manor, Rippowam Manor, Ursula Park Townhouses and Lawn Avenue Townhouses.

Family Centers is increasingly committed to empowering residents on a larger level, encouraging their interaction with each other, coaching resident-led initiatives and strengthening the fabric of our communities.  The Family Centers’ team of Resident Service Coordinators has created monthly gatherings as a platform for residents to interact, share concerns and facilitate change.

Charter Oak Communities Begins Construction of Greenfield, its New Mixed-Income Community in Stamford

Charter Oak Communities (Housing Authority of the City of Stamford) hosted a formal groundbreaking ceremony on August 14 for Greenfield, a 45-unit mixed-income residential development to be built on Merrell Avenue, in Stamford (14 to 100 Merrell Ave.). The project will be completed by fall 2014.  Greenfield is the third phase of the Vidal Court revitalization.  Of Greenfield’s 45 mixed-income housing units, 27 will be rented to low- or moderate-income households and be designated as replacement housing for Vidal Court. The remaining 18 units will be designated for market-rate households.

Redevelopment Plan for Vidal Court

Click here to view the Redevelopment Plan for Vidal Court.

Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP)

Click here to see ACOP.



Charter Oak Communities – Come Share the Vision
Welcome to Charter Oak Communities (COC), formerly the Stamford Housing Authority, which provides attractive, affordable homes for thousands of Stamford residents comprising a wide range of demographics and needs. COC is a leading advocate and champion for innovative, creative partnerships that are redefining public-assisted housing communities in Connecticut and across America.

Through visionary leadership, innovative financing arrangements, astute human relations and comprehensive partnerships with local, state and Federal government and the private sector, COC is changing Stamford’s landscape – literally as well as figuratively – by replacing the aged models of public housing that often became a blight on cities with modern, attractive communities that are welcome additions to their residents, neighbors and neighborhoods.

See what we’ve accomplished – and the new communities we’re now building – by visiting About COC under the Our Roots tab.




At Fairgate Farm we’re off to a strong start, with lots of plans for the upcoming season. In collaboration with Stamford Hospital, we’re sponsoring a schedule of special events – fun, free and open to all.  Life’s better with fresh-from-the-farm fruits & vegetables. Enjoy learning about farming and gardening, sampling our crops, cooking demonstrations and activities for all ages.

  • Farm Jam—June 7th, 12-2 PM:  We’ll have farm tours, interactive kids’ crafts, children’s book readings, seedling-plants for you to grow at home, healthy cooking demonstrations featuring in-season strawberries, recipes, food samples and local music.  No pre-registration, drop-ins welcome!
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green—June 28th, 12-2 PM: We’re doing a 30-minute, hands-on agricultural education session including harvesting of “green” vegetables/herbs, plus a culinary-nutrition session (for teens and adults) and fun, age-appropriate crafts and activities for younger kids.  No pre-registration, drop-ins welcome!
  • 6-Week Summer Farm Workshop Series:  Learn about organic, local, fresh produce and how it’s grown, nutritional information, and how to cook healthy food, quickly and easily.  Each workshop focuses on an in-season fruit or vegetable, with a half-hour gardening/harvesting session.  Teens and grown-ups then spend an hour in a preparation/cooking/testing demonstration, while kids enjoy fun learning and tasting activities.  To register, please stop by the Farm or email us at