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Stamford wins grant for West Side health offerings

Click here to read about the City awarded a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for the West Side and COCs’ involvement.

COC named top-performing housing authority

Charter Oak Communities (COC) has received the highest possible operations rating from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the federal branch of U.S. government that oversees public housing in American towns and cities and on Indian reservations.

In the HUD uniform rating system, called its Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS), COC scored 95 out of 100 possible points. PHAS scoring is based on comprehensive ratings for four key indicators, including physical condition; financial condition; management operations; and capital fund programs. The audit also reviews each property’s building exteriors, mechanical systems, residential dwelling units and common areas. Among the State’s 51 housing authorities participating in HUD programs, only nine qualified for the “High Performer” designation.

“PHAS is designed to help improve the overall delivery of public housing services, and it enhances trust among public housing agencies, residents and the general public,” said Vincent J. Tufo, executive director and chief executive officer for Charter Oak Communities. “This honor is a testament to the incredibly hard and painstaking work required to effectively operate a very complicated public housing program. When viewed in the context of our emergence as a true ‘hybrid’ agency – combining our traditional responsibilities with myriad enterprises and community service programs – it exemplifies COC’s steadfast dedication to Stamford’s most vulnerable citizens.”

For additional information, link to the Stamford Daily Voice article



Charter Oak Communities – Come Share the Vision
Welcome to Charter Oak Communities (COC), formerly the Stamford Housing Authority, which provides attractive, affordable homes for thousands of Stamford residents comprising a wide range of demographics and needs. COC is a leading advocate and champion for innovative, creative partnerships that are redefining public-assisted housing communities in Connecticut and across America.

Through visionary leadership, innovative financing arrangements, astute human relations and comprehensive partnerships with local, state and Federal government and the private sector, COC is changing Stamford’s landscape – literally as well as figuratively – by replacing the aged models of public housing that often became a blight on cities with modern, attractive communities that are welcome additions to their residents, neighbors and neighborhoods.

See what we’ve accomplished – and the new communities we’re now building – by visiting About COC under the Our Roots tab.



Fairgate Farm celebrates another successful growing season

The days are now shorter and cold, marking an end to another successful growing season at Fairgate Farm. It seems like just yesterday that we were excited for warming temperatures that allowed us to work the soil in preparation for the many varieties of fruits and vegetables we would plant. There are some hardy veggies still going strong, such as kale, collards, cauliflower and broccoli, but the majority of our crops are now finished. So, it’s time once again to put our planting beds and rows to rest.

Earlier this season when the flowers were blooming, we had a great time watching and working with bees from three hives generously donated to the farm, and everyone enjoyed the honey we harvested! Overall, we had a very productive year. Not only did we grow more than 6,000 pounds of quality food, but our number of volunteers, hunger-relief organizations receiving fruits and vegetables, educational programming and the farm’s strong, supportive community grew as well!

Soon our perennials will return to dormancy, but we will keep growing in our greenhouse through the winter months. Thanks to receiving a composting initiative grant, next year we’ll be producing greater volumes of essential and sustainable compost, and educate others on how to do the same. We’ll also be hosting indoor healthy cooking and nutrition classes during the coming months. So, when the growing season returns, participants will be ready to enjoy the many flavors and health benefits Fairgate Farm has to offer.

Thank you for an incredible season!

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