Applicant’s Responsibility 

  • When applying for any of our programs, applicants must provide all necessary documents to verify eligibility such as, income and citizenship status. All applications have a list of required documents attached.
  • Applicants may be refused due to inability to meet income requirements, poor credit or a criminal background. COC staff informs the applicant of such action in writing and offers a right to appeal the decision. However, the applicant must request the appeal in writing within five (5) business days providing all documentation supporting the appeal.
  • The applicant must inform our main office in writing of any changes in their family composition, income and address. It is imperative that the applicant maintains a current mailing address with the leasing office. COC’s primary form of communication with the applicant is via postal service.
  • Applicants must respond to any requests from the Leasing Office in a timely basis in updating their documentation for final eligibility or to determine their desire to remain on the waiting lists.

* * * * Failure to make change of address or respond to any correspondence from the Leasing office will result in your name being removed from the waiting list.

Apply Now

Individuals/Families who desire to apply for any COC programs must complete a written application form. Applications will be made available in an accessible format upon request from any person with a disability. Applications for open waiting lists can be found below. Once the application is complete it will be accepted at the Central Office located at 22 Clinton Avenue.